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Please tell us what you would like to achieve with the white dove release at your event, so that we may plan the best way to help you. Dove releases can be planned to meet your desires. After all, this is your special event and we want to do everything that we possible can to help make it extra special for you.

Our White Doves normally fly directly into the sky, circle the area a few times, then return home.

We are only responsible to the point of release and have  no control past that point.


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This form may be sent by clicking on the submit button below, or you may fill out, print, and mail the form along with your deposit.

Please make out the check to Betty Dalley, and send to:

Betty's Doves
1378 13 Road
Loma, CO 81524

If you have anything special in mind, don't hesitate to phone me so that we may discuss how to achieve what you would like.
If you would like to come and see/or handle the birds before the release, please give me a phone call at 985-5127.

If two requests for a release are requested on the same day and time,
whichever deposit is received first is the release that will be reserved.

Deposit: A $75.00 deposit is required at the time of booking to reserve your release time and date.
Payment: Is due in full fourteen (14) days prior to the release date. This requirement does not apply to funerals. Payment for funerals are due on the release date before the event.

Cancellation: If the weather suddenly makes a release impossible at the event, you will be fully refunded less a $35.00 travel fee.

If you cancel a release prior to two weeks of the release you will given a 100% refund of monies paid.
If you cancel a release 8-14 days prior to the release you will be given a 75% refund.
If you cancel within seven days of the scheduled release you will receive no refund.

If the release time is postponed during the event, more than 30 minutes there will be an additional $25.00 charge. We understand that unforeseen delays can occur, however the birds can only be temporarily stored in the release baskets.
If the release is delayed beyond a safe time being allowed for the doves to safely return to their home, we will not allow them to be released, and you will still be charged for a release

Please print out this page and keep a copy for your records.

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